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Estate Planning in Oklahoma – The Basics

While most people don’t ever think about it (or even know what it is), an estate plan is a very important part of your life. What is estate planning? An estate plan helps you plan for the only certain thing that will happen to you in this life, i.e. death. To most people, an estate plan sounds […]

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What Is The Estate Planning Process?

Common forms of estate planning: 1. Intestate (The Do Nothing Plan) – If you die without a valid estate plan while residing in the State of Oklahoma, the state will give your property away according to law, (which may not necessarily be your wishes). If you die intestate, everything you own is subject to creditors and […]

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What Is Estate Planning? When Should I Start It?

In Oklahoma, there are six common properties that would have to go through the probate process in court with a written will: real property (houses, vacation homes, mineral interest rights), stocks, bonds, certificates of deposits, bank accounts, and titled vehicles (including cars, trucks, boats, RV’s). If the total value of a deceased person’s property (not […]

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Where Are Wills Recorded and Stored In Oklahoma?

When you have a will drafted and executed, you will own the original copy of it. Sometimes an attorney will keep a secondary original will in their office as a backup. If you ever amend your will, you should collect any copies that are out there of the older versions and have them destroyed. When I […]

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